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What is Nutritional Support?

Many people are aware of the need to supplement their diet but don’t know where to begin or what to look for. We see people who guess about the proper supplements or read about a particular supplement for a specific symptom or set of symptoms, including those marketed as anti-aging supplements.

Network marketed miracle supplements will help a small percentage of people who take them. Few of these work long term.

Sometimes by taking the same supplements for a long period of time, the very substances that supported you will become toxic. The body may have all of the particular nutrients from that product that it needs and as you continue to take the same supplement it becomes toxic to you.

What your body needs will have been determined by your nutritional habits and will change with the seasons and with different life stresses. By providing you with objective nutritional testing, and sharing information about the compatibility of foods, we are able to create a personal nutritional program - individualized for you.

With today’s technology we have the ability to determine those needs before they become symptoms and can provide a fuller, richer life experience.

Welcome to My Healing Solutions

My Healing Solutions is a comprehensive nutritional support system that works with your body for the prevention and recovery of age related diseases.

Nutritional support is an educational and learning process. As you begin to know which foods work for you and which ones do not, it becomes easier to make the appropriate choices about food.

We know that no one follows a perfect nutritional program all of the time, but it is very helpful to know which foods are creating your symptoms and which foods will give you strength.

“Nutrition is the crucial missing link for the prevention and recovery of age-related diseases. If deficiency, toxicity or both of these are present, we become diseased. The skin, eyes, teeth, hair, nails, breath and body odor will tell the truth for us.”

Sandra Lowry, CNC

Sandra Lowry, CNC

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