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Why Do I Need Nutritional Support?

Sandra Lowry, C.N.C.

Sandra Lowry is a Certified Nutritional Consultant. For the last six years, she has practiced with several chiropractors. It is her passion and commitment to help people heal naturally by using organic whole foods and whole food supplements. She also employs homeopathic, herbal and flower remedies to further support her clients in their quest for good health.

Most of us recognize the need for nutritional supplements, but we really don’t know how much, what kind, or how often we need them. This is why a nutritional assessment is necessary. When looking for deficiency and toxicity, Sandra uses an electro-dermal screening device, the Bio-Meridian Stress Assessment.

Her first job is to discover where your body needs support. The nutritional assessment registers your body’s normal, stressed or weak responses and helps her to recommend the appropriate supplements, along with some dietary suggestions, to address those stresses and weaknesses.  Thousands of diseases are caused by deficiency of essential nutrients.

Synthetic vitamins cannot meet the needs of the body. They lack the enzymes and co-factors that are found in whole foods. In fact, synthetic supplements can cause an imbalance and create greater distress than if you didn’t take them at all. Sandra recommends whole food concentrates to feed and nourish the body.

She prefers Standard Process, Inc.  This company has an 80-year reputation for excellence in producing organic, whole-food supplements. Click here to watch a short video.

And to further speed recovery, she may also recommend a non-invasive method of detoxifying the whole body with the Bionic Cleanse. Utilizing the magnetic properties of ions, we eliminate toxic chemicals, parasites, yeast, & heavy metals, which create a burden to the body and accelerate the degeneration and aging process.

We want to reduce toxins and feed the cells so our bodies can repair and recover vitality and wellness, regardless of our age.

She looks forward to meeting you and applauds your efforts to take charge of your health.

Nutritional Counseling addresses your nutritional habits, symptoms and conditions that are related to toxicity or

deficiency and the bio-compatibility of foods.  Click here to watch a short video.

Food Allergy Profiling Click here to watch a short video

Blood Type Testing addresses the foods that will work for your body.  Bio-compatible foods strengthen you and incompatible foods weaken you and become toxic.

BioMeridian Testing monitors the strength and weakness of all of your body systems and determines the appropriate organic whole food supplements that your body needs right now.  This restores the normal strength of the nutrient deficient weakened systems.  

Bionic Cleansing reduces the burden of toxic chemicals in your body.

Hormone Testing and Balancing Your hormones should exist in harmony with each other. When levels of each hormone are in the right proportions, body systems are stable.  Click here for more information.