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The BioMeridian Test identifies where your body needs support by identifying weakness in any of the tissues of the body.

The equipment registers normal, stressed or weak responses and helps me to identify the appropriate organic whole food supplements, and make dietary suggestions to address those stresses and weaknesses.  The test takes about 30 minutes, and once complete, we will review the results and prepare a plan to help your body heal and gain strength.  

Energetic Balancing

The Meridian Stress Assessment is used to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your energetic health and balance.  The test is performed by contacting the instrument (stylus) to each of the 60 meridian points on the hands and feet.  After the initial measurements have been collected, the results are reviewed.  If stress values are above or below equilibrium, the sophisticated software will record and report the readings.  

The BioMeridian Nutritional Test is:

A BioMeriian Nutritional Test measures the energy at the meridian points.

By using the most technologically advanced stylus (probe), we are able to collect your body’s response to the small current being transmitted through your points to the various organs, glands, systems, etc.  The strength of this test lies in its ability to combine multiple sources of information from your body to assist in identifying your optimal nutritional protocol.  

The nutritional supplements recommended in the protocol must be manufactured from organic whole foods utilizing the matrix of vitamins, minerals, proteins, hormones, enzymes and other factors found in nature. Common “off the shelf” synthetic supplements that have been fractionated and reconstituted are unable to nourish your body and can ultimately become toxic to you.  

I have chosen Standard Process, Inc. products.  Since 1929, this company has produced the highest quality supplements using unique high-vacuum, low temperature drying equipment to preserve the maximum nutrients in their product line.  With an 83-year reputation for excellence, you can be confident in your choice for nutritional support.