Sandra Lowry, C.N.C.

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Why Do I Need Nutritional Support?

Client Experiences

“I have believed I had fibromyalgia because I had aches, pains and stiffness in my joints and very low energy and fatigue. But after I saw Sandra and started taking the supplements, my energy shot up in just two days. I was staying up till midnight cleaning and doing projects. and the joint aches have decreased, too. This stuff works.” - Cindy Walkup

“After taking the Standard Process supplements that Sandra suggested, the first thing I notice was my skin was so soft. The patchy spot on my scalp was gone and all my skin was smooth. In a few weeks, I was able to quit taking one of my medications that had given me terrible side effects…this really works for me!”

- Sharon Brown

“I am so amazed! I’m feeling so incredibly well that I forgot how bad I felt! I am sold on the Standard Process!"

- Terri Kennedy

“I have gone to the allergy clinic since 1983, getting weekly shots. Since I started with Standard Process & (Bionic) cleansing, I am going to the allergy clinic once a month. At my last visit to have injections I was told that 3 of my 6 injections are over, I am thru taking them.”  - Rita Kukura

"For many years I would get bronchitis that needed steroids and antibiotics, needing to complete 2 rounds of the length of taking the meds. Since I started with Standard Process I haven't had any infections, or breathing problems needing asthma medicines, or rescue inhaler. Also, my sinuses are draining.” - Rita Kukura

“I tested with Sandra in February and followed her dietary suggestions. I was so surprised to lose 8 lbs. in two weeks! And as a singer, I was even more pleased that my voice range had increased where the high notes were easier than ever before.” - Catherine Adkins-Suraci