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Why Do I Need Nutritional Support?

Personal Consultation

“You are never more than one meal away from your perfect nutritional program.”

During your Personal Consultation, we review your current eating habits, any symptoms or conditions you wish to address, and establish how much support you want.  By reviewing a Food Journal and Nutritional Symptom Survey you have completed, we begin to know how to support you.

Nutritional support is and educational and learning process.  As you begin to understand which foods work for you, and which ones do not, it becomes easier to make the appropriate choices about your meals.  We know that no one follows a perfect nutritional program all of the time, but it is very helpful to know which foods are causing your symptoms and which foods will give you strength.

Most deficiencies and toxicities have developed over time and must be addressed over time. Having a personal consultant helps keep you on track and allows you to monitor your progress.

We recommend a second consultation about a month after the initial session.  After that, your appointments should be scheduled every two to three months, where you will meet with your nutritionist. These appointments will provide the support you need to maintain healthy eating habits and keep your body chemically balanced.

“Nutrition is the crucial missing link for the prevention and recovery of age related diseases. If deficiency, toxicity or both of these are present, we become diseased. The skin, eyes, teeth, hair, nails, breath and body odor will tell the truth for us.”

    - Sandra Lowry, CNC

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