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Why Detoxify?

Disease, and the silent, slow effects of aging are linked to our daily exposure to thousands of environmental toxins.  Our bodies are not genetically prepared for eliminating these chemicals, so we store them in our joints, tissues, body fat and organs. These stored toxins slowly migrate through the body, damaging our cells, leaving us highly susceptible to premature aging and disease-causing bacteria, virus, yeast, mold and fungi.

Plastics and Pesticides mimic hormones in the body.

Pesticides (even the banned DDT is still present on our planet) damage the reproductive system, the immune function, nervous system and brain development. They scramble our nerve and hormonal messages. Consider the pronounced increase in ADD and ADHD in children. Since the 20th century, our toxic burden begins at conception.

Did you know? Pesticides are given to lab rats to create cancer for drug treatment research.

Today, we use 30 times more synthetic pesticides than we did in 1945.

Chemicals from Plastics leach into our foods.

This is why we never heat foods in plastic containers.

Chlorine kills bacteria in our water supply, but it needs to be removed before we drink, bathe, swim or shower in it.

Chlorine accumulates in the body. Chlorine compounds are linked to breast cancer and untreatable diseases such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. It also weakens the thyroid. Chlorine elevates cholesterol and accelerates aging.

PCBs, dioxins, phthalates and other environmental chemicals are found in remote areas of the world. EPA studies show 100% (of the study groups) of human fat samples contain dioxins, PCBs, dichlorobenzene and xylene as well as styrene, known cancer-causing toxins. Styrene outgases from computers and plastic bottles. Auto exhaust, incinerators, coal furnaces, generators, and industrial smokestacks are not disappearing.
We cannot avoid toxins.

The solution must be to reduce the toxic burden. Common methods of detoxifying involve therapies such as massage, saunas or sweat lodges, yoga, herbal wraps, mud baths, and colon cleanses. These are still beneficial, but now it is easier and more convenient to cleanse, by utilizing ion therapy.

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