Sandra Lowry, C.N.C.

Philosophy of Natural Health

Why We Are Different  

Why Do I Need Nutritional Support?

My first response to health related problems is to locate the cause and correct the source in the body, in as natural a method as possible. It is amazing how the human body can maintain and heal itself when given adequate nutrients and proper elimination.

With every change of the seasons, our bodies change, yet we rarely acknowledge it.  Trillions of biochemical communications are taking place at this very minute - in the miracle we call the human body.  And we can celebrate its remarkable ability and help it along by removing the interference that prevents our good health by doing a few basic things:

1. Feed the body with nourishing foods and/or whole food concentrates.

2. Cleanse the body of toxic organisms, chemicals and metals.

3. Food allergy testing identifies compatible foods and helps determine the best source of nutrition for each individual.

4. Hormone testing and balancing with herbs and tissue extracts helps our bodies to heal over time.  We can’t expect to change our outcome overnight, but with the right nutritional support, we can bring our body back into optimal health.

If the particular problem area does not resolve, the next step is to seek professional medical help.  

*This information is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.

Why We Are Different

Did you know?

Our blood cells renew every 120 days

Our skin cells take 2-4 weeks

The liver takes 6 weeks

The skeleton takes 2 to 7 years (age-related) to totally regenerate.