Sandra Lowry, C.N.C.

Philosophy of Natural Health

Why We Are Different  

Why Do I Need Nutritional Support?

Nutrient deficiency results in weakness in the cells of body that leads to inflammation, dysfunction, degeneration, chronic illness and

Disease, and the silent, slow effects of aging are linked to our daily exposure to thousands of environmental toxins.  Our bodies are not

genetically prepared for eliminating these chemicals, so we store them in our joints, tissues, body fat and organs. These stored toxins slowly migrate through the body, damaging our cells, leaving us highly susceptible to premature aging and disease-causing bacteria, virus, yeast, mold and fungi.

eventually life threatening illnesses.

Symptoms and Conditions of Deficiency in Body Organs

Deficiencies of the organs of the body disturb the functioning of a number of systems like digestion, circulation and respiration. These functions sustain life and are necessary for a healthy body.

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Why Detoxify?

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Nutritional Deficiency

There are many things you can do at home to remove the toxins from your environment.  This list will help you identify and eliminate toxic

exposure from all possible/practical sources.  

Pre-Dietary Recommendations

It is rare that you won’t have any non-dietary issues, which can cause, contribute to or exacerbate your symptoms.

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Detoxify at Home

Simple recipes using products from your pantry make effective household cleaning solutions. An added plus: these

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natural products are more environmentally friendly than commercial alternatives.

Homemade and Natural Cleaning Products

Pantry Recipes for Natural Cleaning Products