How to Start the Healing Journey

Congratulations on choosing the empowering journey of self – healing. Hi Welcome, my name is Monica. Almost everyday I welcome customers to the Natural Living Department of a Health Conscious Grocery Chain. I see the confusion of those beginning their journey to wellness. They feel overwhelmed with all the products, not knowing how to begin and not wanting to spend their life savings on things that will not work. I become their guide, their trusted confidant. I hope in this blog that I can also perhaps be one of the many guides you will have on your healing journey as I share my 30 plus years of experience in the wholistic field. We will handle topics such as Detoxification, Probiotics, Immunity, Inflammation, Hormonal Health and many more topics as I post more blogs.  I’ll make some recommendations on some of my favorite products for their quality, price and effectiveness and discuss other factors that block the body’s ability to heal itself.

The Wholistic approach looks at the individual not just as a physical body, but also considers the contribution of  the emotional and mental bodies as also contributing to the well being of the individual.  Negative thoughts and emotions will express themselves as symptoms or dis-ease. I will elaborate in a future blog, but for now just know that a positive mental and emotional attitude is an important key.

When someone comes into our store they usually tell me their symptoms or their diagnosis from their doctor and ask me what they should buy. I share with them my favorites and give them some options. I hope the education you glean from these pages will serve you in your journey to wellness.

What are your symptoms?

Are you having sleep problems? Click here

Digestion problems? Click here.

Are you feeling stress and anxiety? Click here.

Are you having joint pain? Click here.

High blood pressure? Click here.

High cholesterol? Click here.

Hair thinning and falling out? Click here.

Need something for Sex drive or Hormonal balancing? Click here.

Need memory and cognitive support? Click here.



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